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Bob Snyder - Amazing Grace    Louis Armstrong was; Ella Fitzgerald was; Duke Ellington was; and Bob Snyder is! Dick Johnson, now leading Artie Shaw's band says that Bob is the best player in the world today. Grady Tate, drummer to the stars, says that Bob has resurrected soul: he brings back the honesty and natural feeling of jazz and gospel that has been lost by the new-day technicians. Lionel Hampton, the grand old master of swing and jazz, says: "I consider Bob Snyder the best clarinet player in the world. I rank him with my old boss, Benny Goodman. I have played and toured with Bob for many years, and I can tell you Bob knows how to swing." Snyder's music will become a major part of America's artistic heritage.

   A master of four instruments - tenor and alto sax, clarinet, and flute, Bob has toured extensively with the "Airmen of Note" The Glenn Miller Air Force Dance Band, toured the world with Lionel Hampton, and was a staff musician for Motown Records in Detroit, Stax Records in Memphis, and WJR Radio in Detroit.

   Bob Snyder and his band now have a hit record that is breaking into the national charts. Snyder's soulful clarinet rendition of "Amazing Grace," recorded in the Grand Hotel's Terrace Room, has received radio airplay all around the country.

   Snyder said catching the special rendition of the song on tape was a fluke. He normally had performed the melody on saxophone, but he broke a reed just before he was ready to play. So he picked up his clarinet and the result pleasantly surprised him.

Bob Snyder - Saxy Records Inc.
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   "The response has been phenomenal," Snyder said. "It's almost eerie. We've been getting calls and letters from everywhere."

   A great deal of the national attention can be attributed to Snyder's connections with three of the country's top disc jockeys, Chick Watkins, Joe Lacina and Eddie Hubbard. Hubbard got the tape through a mutual friend of his and Snyder's. Hubbard played it on his show, which is broadcast by ABC Radio Satellite Network, and was deluged with a record number of telephone calls afterwards. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to know where they could get a copy of "Amazing Grace" by Bob Snyder and the Grand Hotel Orchestra. The tune is now being played by over 1500 radio stations across the country.

A letter from…


            God has been good to this “retired” musician.  Jan and I moved to the country near Graceville Florida in 2004.  Since then I have been performing with the Baptist College of Florida Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble.  I am also the Assistant Band Director for Holmes County High School in Bonifay Florida an am on the teaching staff at the Marianna High School,  pro bono, of course.


            Last year Jan and I also traveled to San Antonio Texas, at the request of Merlin Germaine, USMC, who was a fan of my music.  I entertained the wounded warriors in several hospitals there.  I became the Honorary Mayor of San Antonio, and the Governor awarded me a certificate proclaiming me an honorary Texan.  Sadly, Sgt. Germaine recently passed away from his injuries received in Iraq.

            My home town of Danville Indiana also honored me this spring by inducting me into the Danville High School Alumni Hall of Fame.  Jan and I want to establish the Annual Bob and Jan Snyder Music Achievement Award, which will be given to most deserving saxophone or clarinet player at Danville High School.  This will be awarded at a special concert I will be performing on June 14, 2008 at the Royal Theatre in Danville at 1:00 pm.  The event is to be held during our annual High School Reunion Weekend.  I will be performing with an all star band at the Royal Theatre where I used to watch movies as a youngster.

            We are inviting you to attend this concert.  There will be no charge, with donations at the door.  There will be limited dancing, as it is in a theater.  If you would like to help sponsor this event, we offer the following in consideration for your advance donations:

Patron:  $25 donation guarantees 2 reserved seats.

Silver Patron:  $100 receives 6 reserved seats and 6 CD’s

Gold Patron:  $250 receives 10 reserved seats and 10 CD’s and name in program.

Please send your check or money order made out to:

Bob Snyder
C/O The Republican
Attn:  Betty Jo Bartley
P.O. Box 149
Danville, Indiana 46122

Phone:  317-745-2777

Joan (Graham) Able,  Sandra Pierson, Dick & Jeannie Hunt, the Kiger family and The Republican are  helping to sponsor this event.

We look forward to seeing you there.

 Bob Snyder

Phone:  850-326-2192

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